The recently unveiled Imagined Landscape pop-up in Jeju Island, Korea, is connected to a series of inspirational pop-ups across the globe showing the brand’s latest outerwear silhouettes.

The pop-up blurs the lines between nature and technology, the indoors and outdoors, and the real and the imagined. Mountainous terrain is reinterpreted with modernity, as this imaginative structure is sculpted by architectural contour lines inspired by maps. Its shape and reflective surfaces seamlessly merge with the beautiful natural surroundings, sitting at the foot of the majestic Halla mountain.

The experience continues inside as visitors enter an innovative space where the digital and physical collide. In one room is an immersive experience featuring cinematic films by three artists Maotik, Cao Yuxi, Lia Jiayu. Visitors are surrounded by screens and can interact with the unique worlds the artists have created, each rooted in the great outdoors.

The journey of innovation is also reflected in the products available, in the latest iterations of the iconic trench coat by Riccardo – water-resistant gabardine alongside outerwear pieces crafted from the new revolutionary gabardine. Crafted in the UK, the gabardine is expertly woven in compact twill with an increased lightweight hand, allowing it to feature fluidly across quilts and puffers.  

Alongside the experience, Thomas’s Cafe makes its first appearance in Korea. The cafe’s design reflects the house codes, with a light beige colour scheme and Burberry animal kingdom motifs throughout. Inside the cafe, pastry chef Justin Lee from JL Dessert Bar has created an assortment of treats with local inspiration and subtle brand references.