LabTech has announced the addition of six more independent F&B brands at Camden Market Hawley Wharf.

Camden Market Hawley Wharf, which officially opened in August, now houses over 30 independent food and beverage operators, bringing a myriad of new flavours and worldwide cultures. They combine with a growing leisure proposition – including the soon to launch Curzon cinema – and over a dozen unique retailers to create a complete ‘eat, shop, play’ destination.

Joining the already extensive offering at Camden Market Hawley Wharf is 2 Lads Kitchen, the Afghan street food brand which provides an authentic take on the nation’s favourite dishes. This includes its iconic Afghan Wrap, featuring 24-hour marinated chicken thighs and black pepper yoghurt, and barbecued chicken skewers wrapped in fresh clay oven naan. Chingon – from the creators of Hotbox London – has also joined the destination, celebrating the vibrancy of Mexican street food, alongside MikosGyros, the fast-casual Greek brand, and Pakistani cheesy, filled naan specialist Khaoo.

The Great British Cheesecake and Longboysare adding to the sweet offer, with the former creating luxury homemade cheesecakes, and the latter producing long doughnuts with surprising flavour twists, from celebrated pastry chefs Graham Hornigold and Heather Kaniuk.