Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Charles Tyrwhitt is Coming Home

The British clothing brand Charles Tyrwhitt has chosen Cribbs Mall as its debut location in Bristol and will open a 1,600sq ft store on the upper floor of the centre in late March.

The new branch at Cribbs Mall will feature Charles Tyrwhitt’s highly regarded one-on-one styling appointments and made-to-measure custom shirts service. It will also include its shirt recycling scheme where customers can bring in old shirts – ‘Tyrwhitt or not’ – and be rewarded with discounts off fresh ones; just one of their sustainable initiatives.

The store will also include a range of new technological features set to roll out across the company’s portfolio, such as interactive QR codes and engaging digitalised visuals to display the brand’s creative content. Charles Tyrwhitt has also made strides with its ongoing commitment to climate-positive projects and has been carbon neutral since the start of 2022.

Nick Wheeler OBE, Founder of Charles Tyrwhitt, said: “I started Charles Tyrwhitt in the autumn of 1986 from my room in Victoria Square in Clifton. I was studying Geography at Bristol University but found my little shirt venture rather more exciting than oxbow lakes and capital cities around the world. When I left Bristol the following year, I had no idea that it would take me 37 years to ‘come home’. So, I’m now super-excited to be opening our 46th store in Cribbs Mall. ‘Better late than never’, you might say. It also gives me the perfect excuse to come back and visit my favourite city.”