Coles has launched the first Liquorland store in Tasmania, in tandem with opening its first new supermarket in the state in 12 years. 

The new store, at Glebe Hill Village, features a selection of Tasmanian beverages, as well as Liquorland’s Tasmanian brands such as Beyond the Wilderness Wines and Pure Origin Vodka and Gin.

Local sourcing is a major focus for the brand, according to Darren Blackhurst, CEO of Coles Liquor, and Liquorland will collaborate with more than 60 local suppliers and producers to grow exposure for Tasmanian producers.

“The Glebe Hill Village store will celebrate more than 320 local, craft and boutique wines, beers and spirits from over 60 local producers in Liquorland’s new black and white branded store format, which has already been launched in more than 250 stores across Australia,” said Blackhurst.

With the advantage of geographical location and weather, Tasmania has become a recognised wine and spirit-producing region in Australia and here also has many famous brands such as Lark Distilling Co and Devil’s Corner Winery.

The partnership between Liquorland and regional producers may be a sign that customers will have the opportunity to discover more about Tasmania’s homegrown beverage producers.

“A collaborative retailer can bring these stories alive and provide customers with much more than just a Tasmanian-made beverage, they have a story they can share when they open their bottle to enjoy with friends or family,” expressed Phil Mack, Account Manager of Lark Distilling Co National.