What has two months of confinement taught us about Spanish consumers? They are going out less to buy, but when they do, they spend more.

In the first full week of confinement in Spain, from March 16 to 22, the Spaniards reduced their consumer purchases by 15 per cent, but they filled their baskets more and spent more each time, as Beabloo assures. In addition, the average ticket increased by 42 per cent compared to before the coronavirus crisis. Even so, according to the data, 8 out of 10 Spaniards continue to make the purchase weekly, and they add up to almost five purchase acts in the week, 13 per cent less than before confinement.

However, the online channel, having reached its historical maximum share (+1.2 points than in the pre-crisis period), continues to show deficiencies by failing to respond to consumer demand for delays in orders, channel saturation or cancellations.

“The consumer is aware of the situation and adapts to change and even modifies their shopping basket, opting for healthier and more necessary options, ruling out the vast majority of purchases on a whim,” says Jaume Portell, Co-Founder and CEO of Beabloo.