The luxury watches and the VFT drop will occur at Dubai’s Meta Terrace and commemorate his 43 trophies, the highest number in contemporary football.

Barcelona’s star footballer Dani Alves, who has been recently called up for international duty on Brazil’s national team, will visit Dubai for the launch of a luxury watch NFT collection at a nightlife joint called MetaTerrace on 28 June 2022.

To celebrate Alves’ illustrious career, British luxury watchmaker Backes & Strauss (B&S) has launched its own Alves Trophy Collection comprising 43 exquisite timepieces.

Additionally, the luxury British watchmaker has partnered with Dubai-based cryptocurrency consulting, advisory, design, and development firm ColossalBit to launch the NFT drop of the Alves Trophy Collection.

Dani Alves said: “This collection is to celebrate the 43 wonderful memories of each trophy I won so far in my footballing career. Starting with Bahia in Brazil in 2002 and finishing with the unique Olympic gold medal at the Tokyo Games in 2021. I am personally inviting you to be part of my history – choose the watch that brings you the most vivid memories of these 43 different victories.”

The Alves Trophy NFT Watch Collection will be sold in three variants:  Premium, Fractionalised, and Regular NFTs.