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DeFacto Joins United Nations Private Sector Forum as First Turkish Retail Brand

Global fashion brand, DeFacto, based in Türkiye, has been extended an invitation to join the United Nations General Assembly Private Sector Forum. This prestigious event, by exclusive invitation only, provided DeFacto with a unique opportunity to share its initiatives aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The audience included notable individuals from the private sector, government officials, and representatives of civil society organizations.

This recognition not only placed DeFacto as the first Turkish retail brand to be part of this esteemed event but also underlines the global relevance of its sustainability efforts. The forum, organized during the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, aims to foster discussions on pressing global challenges such as climate change, sustainable development, and human rights.

Önder Şenol, DeFacto’s online CEO, who represented the company at the event, expressed, “Our inclusion in this select forum, with only 90 participants globally, is a great honor and significant acknowledgment of DeFacto’s commitment to a sustainable future.”

Şenol continued, “We were among the first two Turkish fashion brands to pledge our support to the United Nations Global Compact in 2014. This commitment reflects not only our role in addressing global challenges like climate change and human rights but also our focused efforts locally and globally to achieve the SDGs by 2030.”

DeFacto has set ambitious, measurable goals in its sustainability journey. By 2030, the brand is targeting 90% of its ready-to-wear collections to meet sustainability standards and is striving for a 55% reduction in its carbon footprint. In the long term, the brand is looking forward to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, reflecting its commitment to being a climate-positive player in the fashion industry.

Beyond environmental commitments, DeFacto places strong emphasis on social initiatives, particularly in championing women’s rights. Through endeavors like the “Happy Women Movement” and the “Dreams from Fabric” projects, DeFacto seeks to empower women in the corporate landscape and foster a more balanced societal structure.

The invitation to participate in the UN Private Sector Forum is a significant milestone for DeFacto, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to sustainable and socially responsible practices. As the brand moves forward, it seeks to not only achieve its set targets but also inspire and catalyze positive change across the fashion industry.

About DeFacto

DeFacto, established in 2005, is a global fashion brand with over 500 stores in 93 countries.