Friday, May 24, 2024
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Deliveroo Launches New Deliveroo Hop Site in Kwun Tong

Deliveroo have announced the opening of its third Deliveroo Hop site in Kwun Tong, catering to the robust grocery needs of this thriving commercial hub and the area’s growing demand with the influx of young professionals and families.

Anticipating an increase in the demand for groceries in the area, the new Hop site located at 6/F, The 80|20, 161 Wai Yip Street, will cover most of Kwun Tong, Ngau Tau Kok, Kai Tak South and part of Kowloon Bay.

Being an already flourishing business hub teeming with commercial establishments, Kwun Tong is expected to further grow as a bustling district drawing young professionals and families with new residential developments. The new Deliveroo Hop site is set to meet their various needs by offering convenient grocery delivery and pick-up services.

Deliveroo’s third Deliveroo Hop site will expand on previous offerings to stock over 2,300 grocery items, including condiments, essential grains, produce, meat, ready-to-microwave meals, fruits and vegetables, beverages, biscuits and savoury treats, as well as personal care, health and beauty products, snacks for pets and home essentials. Debuting in the third Kwun Tong site will be organic vegetables, meeting the demand of the neighbourhood’s young professionals and families pursuing a greener lifestyle.

Available via the Deliveroo platform, the Hop service runs from a delivery and pick-up site to offer rapid grocery delivery in as little as 15 minutes, as a complementary offering to Deliveroo’s existing on-demand grocery service. It will open from 8am to 12am on weekdays and 8am to 1am on weekends.