A groundbreaking event took place in Atlantic City recently, signalling the start of work on Island Waterpark, a $100M indoor water park on the Boardwalk.

This 103,000sq ft attraction will be home to a range of water slides, including parallel racing slides, as well as pools and a lazy river. In addition to this, there will be food and drink offerings, shopping, lounge areas and a party space. Plans also include an adults area with a bar, foot massages and manicures.

Bart Blatstein, the Philadelphia developer behind the project, also owns the neighbouring building, the former Showboat casino, which he operates as a non-gambling hotel. The water park is designed to give families something to do year-round in the seaside destination.

Blatstein announced that he wants the water park to be open to the public by May 2023 and repeated the Mayor’s confidence in the project, saying: “It’s my money going into this place. I promise you, it’s going to happen.”

In 2020, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority approved the designation of the plot as an entertainment retail district. This means that it will benefit from an annual rebate of up to $2.5 million in sales tax generated by it, for two decades. So that it can entertain guests in all seasons, Island Waterpark will also feature a retractable glass-paned roof that covers the whole development.