The newly reopened Burj Al Arab Boutique caters to the hotel’s select clientele and welcomes visitors to explore the brand’s latest creations.

The brand has had a presence in the Burj Al Arab since 2016, however this new and bigger Dhamani 1969 store reflects the brand’s commitment to the market and the exclusive clientele. This boutique follows the brand’s signature bespoke concept, which is exclusive to Dhamani 1969. It provides the perfect location for client’s to shop the unique Dhamani 1969 offering.

Dhamani 1969 boasts high-end, bespoke, jewellery creations that are exclusively designs and manufactured by Dhamani 1969 in Italy. The creations include a piece with a 70 carat diamond and a rare vivid green emerald.

Manish Dhamani, Chief Executive Officer of Dhamani 1969, commented: “Since its opening, the Dhamani 1969 store at Burj Al Arab has become a renowned destination where jewellery lovers and connoisseurs can discover unique creations in one of the Dubai’s most elegant locations.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the reopening of this special boutique catering for Burj Al Arab’s select clientele and visitors alike. We are very excited to welcome them again and share with them some of our most unique pieces.”