Brought to life by respected restaurateur, Sergio Lopez, the new ground-breaking concept is located in Dubai’s Sports City at The Els Club.

The passion project from Lopez occupies two-storeys and 15,000sq ft and is inspired by his wife’s African heritage. Up to 500 guests can enjoy The Pangolin at any one time and the whole venue has been built to Lopez’s exacting standards in conjunction with Dubai Sports City.

The venue is split into two concepts – the lowlands and the highlands. The lowlands is the ‘family-friendly’ zone which is open early for breakfast and lunch, whilst the highlands area upstairs comes alive at night and provides an adult-zone.

Community sits at the heart of The Pangolin, Lopez comments: “I always believed that community was the next thing to move on in Dubai, and we wanted to create something for the long term. Many places in Dubai and the UAE are short term – two years and they’re out – for us this is long term. I want to be here in 10, 15, 20 years, so this is why we created this place in a community area.”