Sanjive Khosla, Senior Vice President at District 2020, shares the three principles underpinning Dubai’s emerging human-centric sustainable smart city.

Since its inception, every aspect of Expo 2020 Dubai has been thoughtfully considered to ensure that its legacy is carried on for generations to come, and its infrastructure is able to evolve to meet the future needs of businesses and individuals.

District 2020 – the future vision of Expo 2020 Dubai – is a sustainable and human-centric future city, designed as a people-first, purpose-driven community that will transition and repurpose the World Expo’s physical and virtual infrastructure, according to Sanjive Khosla, Senior Vice President at District 2020.

The development will retain more than 260,000sq ft of floor area of LEED Gold and Platinum structures from Expo and will be transitioned in phases into residential, commercial, and cultural neighbourhoods in District 2020. Designed to reimagine the future of smart and sustainable urban spaces, sustainability is at the core of District 2020’s design – a concept that Khosla believes encompasses “environmental, economic, and inclusive aspects”.

“Sustainability is of course environmental sustainability, but it’s also economic sustainability…you could also argue that it is about inclusivity and making sure that you’re open towards all,” he added.

District 2020 aims to create a blueprint for a human-centred smart city that is purposely designed to unlock potential, according to Khosla.