Egypt has recored a significant rise in e-commerce transactions, especially over the past few months since the Covid-19 outbreak. As consumers are now adapting to a new normal, e-commerce penetration is set to grow in Egypt.

“E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing segments, globally. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we have clocked year-over-year growth on our platform, driven by the increased rate of e-commerce adoption. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, more people have become open to shopping online. Whereas earlier people would look for offers while shopping online, now they are shopping for day-to-day needs, including groceries. That’s the significant shift in consumption pattern.” – Hesham Safwat, CEO of online marketplace Jumia Egypt.

“Even after COVID-19, consumers will continue to shop online,” he emphasises. “The pandemic has caused a long-term shift in consumer buying behaviour. The shift from offline to online will continue to grow, both from supplier and consumer sides.”