ECA2 create and produce the world’s most renowned
spectacular multimedia shows with a team of skilled experts who
oversee each project to its perfect conclusion. Here, RLI speaks with CEO
Jean-Christophe Canizarès to discuss how the company has succeeded in producing more than sixty emblematic shows in seventeen countries and what the future holds.

For almost 30 years, ECA2 has been the guarantee of outstanding quality for shows worldwide, devising unique creations for such special events as World Expos and Olympic Ceremonies along with permanent shows for theme parks and tourism destinations.

Their recognised flexibility and bold vision for their shows has not been altered due to the Covid-19 pandemic, instead it has been adapted. “We are diversifying our offers and services; this does not mean we are dispersing ourselves. We are more than ever remaining the same, keeping our strengths and values as strong as before,” explains CEO Jean-Christophe Canizarès. “We have taken advantage of the time we have had this year to think, to focus on our values and strengths to adapt our long-term business strategy according to the global situation.”

In the last decade, ECA2 has implemented eight large-scale resident shows in Asia that are still running today. These include The Big-O Show, which opened in 2012 for the Yeosu International Expo that has recently been transformed into a mixed-use area, Wings of Time on Sentosa island in Singapore, Lake of Illusions which is set amidst one of the most famous theme parks of Chinese OCT group Happy Valley in Shanghai and Eastern Sunrise, which was the flagship project of Rizhao’s Olympic Park in China.

Their tenth resident show is to be open and operational by the beginning of 2021 in Futuroscope Park in France, and their 11th is on course to open to the public by the end of 2022 in Vietnam.

“Looking forward, we consider the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an emerging market in terms of retail, leisure and cultural destinations development. Vietnam is also keeping us very busy as it has for many years now and will continue to do so. We also remain excited about upcoming projects in Mexico,” says Canizarès.


When developing a new show, the company immerses themselves into the local culture. They discover the surroundings, the nature, the landscapes, the architecture and traditions. Searching, listening and discovering is all part of the ECA2 process before they translate all that they learn into a multimedia show. “Thanks to our daring and highly skilled and talented people who have mastered the art of storytelling, technology and stage design, we have developed our own recipe to cook with special ingredients to offer unforgettable experiences,” explains Canizarès.

The sets of the shows they put on reflect the unique sense of a place and enhance the story that is being told through the artistry of combining technologies that are hidden inside the décor. They want their audience to forget about the technology and to instead open their senses and let themselves be transported into the fantasy.

“It is this combination of technologies that always make it more interesting and exciting for the audience, but only if you know how to balance the technologies to emphasise specific moments in your storytelling. Combination is the key and we are used to integrating water effects combined with fire, light, laser, video, sound, interactivity and drones and we will continue to do this and more as we move forward with our new shows in 2021 and beyond,” Canizarès comments.