At its heart, Shan Shui will be all about serving day-to-night meals that celebrate the authentic craft of time-honoured Shanghainese and Southeast Asian recipes.

The menu at the UK’s hub airport will showcase speedy and delicious ‘10-minute meals’ with many options including 2-Day Dry-Aged Cantonese Roast Duck, Slow-Cooked Beef Rendang with Jasmine Rice and Canton Vegetable Fried Vermicelli. There will also be a succinct Dim Sum menu, offering widely-known yum cha favourites.

For the morning crowd, the restaurant will serve East-meets-West breakfast items, such as Katsu Sando Sandwiches, refreshing Beetroot and Pine Nut Salad with a yuzu dressing and Shan Shui’s take on an English fry-up. At the front of the restaurant, there will also be a pastries and breakfast bar counter, which will serve Allpress Coffee and a selection of pastries such as Croissants, Pain Au Chocolates, and Vegan Orange Crown for passers-by.

Throughout the day, passengers can expect to find a mix of contemporary cooking and beloved family favourites, all to be paired with a exquisite selection of Asian teas from around the globe or a cocktail from the Old Shanghai-inspired 1930s cocktail list.