The first Emirati home-grown specialty coffee roastery is set to open its first branch in Saudi Arabia’s Al Khobar, under the brand name Knowhere.

Emirati Coffee supplies specialty coffee to more than 160 outlets internationally and in the UAE. The brand is now planning to expand its offering into Saudi Arabia with a new branch opening in Al Khobar under the brand name Knowhere in July of this year and a second outlet in Riyadh in 2022, called Emirati Coffee Roastery.

Mohamed Ali AlMadfai, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Coffee was already the number one e-commerce grocery product before 2020 but the pandemic boosted the growth due to greater consumption at home. Coffee buyers cut back on trips to the supermarket and coffee drinks can’t go to the cafes. Consumers resorted to online purchases and with the availability of our own delivery fleet, they were able to get their hands of their cup of coffee.”