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Etoile Group Unveils Luxurious Vision for 2024: Expanding Horizons in Retail Excellence

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 08, 2023: Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Etoile Group, the trailblazing luxury fashion retail powerhouse, unveiled its ambitious retail outlook for 2024, spotlighting six grand store openings across the GCC in the first quarter. Rooted in a commitment to digital evolution and sustainable luxury, the Group is poised to elevate its regional presence, embracing key collaborations and cultivating talent for an enriched customer experience.

In the coming year, Etoile Group will inaugurate captivating stores in strategic locations across Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait, reinforcing its position as a beacon of luxury in the retail landscape. The growth strategy extends beyond physical storefronts, with substantial investments in e-commerce platforms and ongoing partnerships with both local and global designers. Aligned with a broader vision, the Group aims to double its revenues and workforce over the next five years, fostering innovation across its 60 ongoing and upcoming projects.

Ingie Chalhoub, Founder and President of Etoile Group, reflected on the journey, stating, “Etoile Group has been a trailblazer in luxury fashion retail for four decades. From introducing iconic global brands to the Middle East to championing regional designers, we have played a pivotal role in shaping the luxury landscape. As we mark this milestone, 2024 symbolizes not only a celebration of our shared history but a commitment to continuous growth and dynamism in the luxury sector.”