NUA Smart Restaurant has opened at the main street of the vibrant Gràcia district of Barcelona at Carrer Gran de Gràcia 167.

The new innovative restaurant concept offers an entirely new way of eating, and utilises the world’s most advanced technology. The avant-garde Smart Food concept has been developed in Nua’s R&D laboratory; the concept contributes to the health and well-being of the people who dine at the restaurant, the environment and animals. A number of new culinary techniques have been utilised to ensure that each dish on the menu is delicious.

Interactive tables utilise a home automation system and artificial intelligence systems to tailor each diner’s experience. The interactive table gives diners the option to consult, order and pay for food all from the table. With a fully immersive menu that can be configured to the diners taste and the option to stream videos, interact with other customers, read news and connect to networks, the interactive tables are the heart of the new Nua Smart Restaurant.

The company says: “With technology as an ally, we explore new culinary techniques within an impressive immersive environment made up of the most advanced interactive and digital devices on the market.”