This innovative attraction system combines action-based gameplay with responsive real-time feedback to reimagine the traditional 4D interactive theatre experience.

ON!X Theater boasts an impressive array of features that are seamlessly blended with advanced technology. A fully interactive real-time system gives every player agency to direct the outcome of the action and even affect the narrative that unfolds before them on the massive, cinema-style screen.

A unique targeting system provides accurate and persistent positional tracking that not only detects where players aim but how they move their controllers. A blaster can become a hammer, a wand, a shield, or whatever else the story allows. Each player’s controller allows them to interact with exciting and immersive content on the screen. The intuitive nature and accessible design of the controller leads to instantaneous pickup and play.

Electric motion seats provide guests with multi-sensory feedback in the form of poking, tickling, vibration, air blast, water mist, and more. These high-quality chairs feature pitch, roll, and heave movement.