Saudi Arabia has unveiled the masterplan for ‘The Journey Through Time’ for the development of AlUla, set to launch its first phase in 2023.

The masterplan was unveiled yesterday by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Chairman of the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU). AlUla is known as the world’s largest living museum and The Journey Through Time masterplan includes five unique districts, five heritage sites, 15 cultural assets and 10 million square metres of green spaces. Alongside this, the plan includes more than 5,000 hotel rooms, 9km of regenerated cultural oasis, 20km of public realm and 46km of low-carbon tramway.

The five unique districts are AlUla Old Town, Dadan, Jabal Ikmah, Nabataean Horizon and Hegra Historical City. Each of the districts will focus on an existing heritage site and these five areas will be connected by a 20km public realm called the Wadi of Hospitality.

HRH Crown Prince, said: “Today we embark on a journey to preserve the world’s largest cultural oasis and advance our understanding of 200,000 years of heritage. The Journey Through Time masterplan is a leap forward to sustainably and responsibly develop AlUla, and share our cultural legacy with the world.”