xenodocheio Milos is delighted to announce it will officially open on 15 January 2022 to become the home of estiatorio Milos and of all its distinguished guests from around the world.

A place where “philoxenia”, the sacred art of making a stranger feel at home derives from unparalleled taste and world-class hospitality. xenodocheio Milos is located in downtown Athens opposite Old Parliament, an area, bursting with history and celebrates the best of Greek heritage, art and cuisine. Elegant and refined, this authentic culinary hotel experience is the very first luxury boutique hotel of the world-renowned Greek restaurant estiatorio Milos, carrying the inspiring story of Milos to its next chapter.

Offering some of the world’s finest Mediterranean dishes from acclaimed Founder and Chef Executive Costas Spiliadis, the hotel brings a symbol of iconic simplicity to life through divine gastronomy. Here you will discover his cooking philosophy of minimum interference and respect towards the highest quality products and ingredients. Simple and refined Mediterranean food packed full of rich flavours awaits, serving the finest fresh seafood from mouth-watering oysters, fresh Greek ceviche and wild red Madagascar shrimp to celebrated Greek desserts including the delicious karidopita and baklava. Harness the carefree and soothing ambience of “philoxenia” and relish in the art of food in its finest form at xenodocheio Milos.