Their newest retail concept, Haus Dosan, which features dessert brand and cosmetic label Tamburins is the first of the brand’s projects under the theme of Unopened:Future.

Gentle Monster is known for their unique and innovative stores and their newest concept Haus Dosan is no exception. This store alone took one year to create and open. The first floor of the store houses a giant structure which was created by Frederik Heyman and creates a ‘bizarre scene that no one has seen before and represents Gentle Monster’s bold and daring philosophy.’

The second floor of the store is dedicated to the brand’s optical eyewear range and has been designed under the concept of minimalism and moderation. This floor features a media installation created by Jonas Lingstroem which showcases video artwork titled ‘Truth or Dare’.

The third floor houses the brands sunglasses range and ‘The Probe’ – a six-legged walking robot which was created by Gentle Monster’s own robot lab. The Probe was created after a year of research by the team.

Finally, the upper floor features Tamburins’ second flagship store and shows art pieces created by artists including Chulan Kwak, Mercedes Vicente and Casper Kang.