Scheduled to open its doors to the world in 2022, the Grand Egyptian Museum will be the largest archaeological museum complex in the world.

The highly-anticipated project will host more than 100,000 artefacts, 20,000 of which have never previously been displayed to the public. These will include King Tutuankhamun’s entire treasure collection, which will be displayed for the first time ever. Furthermore, the museum will display shrines of the boy King and artefacts of Pharaonic civilisation, to the ancient Greek and Roman periods of Egyptian history.

Waleed Abdel Fattah, Senior VP at Hill International, and Project Manager for GEM spoke about the ambitious project, which will cost over a billion dollars. “The Grand Egyptian Museum is one of the greatest cultural projects happening in the world now.”

Detailing the construction, he says: “The designers have created the building on a north-south axis, matching the old temples. The total area of the project is almost 491,000sq m. The exhibition area, comprising around 100,000 artefacts, is 62,000 metres.”