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Gucci to Celebrate 60 Years in Japan

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary in Japan, Italian fashion house Gucci is set to unveil a special exhibition titled “Bamboo 1947: Then and Now Celebrating 60 Years of Gucci in Japan” from 2 August through 23 September at Gucci Ginza Gallery in Tokyo.

The showcase will commemorate Gucci’s six decades in the country and will feature a display of 60 vintage models of the iconic Bamboo 1947 bag, reimagined by traditional Japanese artisans and artists. The story of Gucci in Japan dates back to the historic year of 1964 when the brand opened its very first boutique in the country, coinciding with the Tokyo Olympics.

Gucci is gearing up to mark this milestone with an array of initiatives, including the highly anticipated exhibition. The focal point of the exhibition will be the Bamboo 1947 bag, a Gucci creation that has become an emblematic piece in the brand’s history.

Showcasing a selection of vintage bags primarily from the 1980s and 1990s, the exhibition will present these pieces in their revived form, thanks to the collaborative efforts of esteemed Japanese artisans and artists, including goldsmiths Morihito Katsura and Naoko Ai, ceramist Nakazato Hirotsune, lacquerer Ai Tokeshi, painters Nami Yokoyama and Yui Yaegashi, among others.