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GV Group – Building Today Shaping Tomorrow

Dr Mahmoud el Garf
Sherif Hamouda

GV Group began operations in 1994 and today continues to push the boundaries with a vision of development and innovation across 13 subsidiaries that cover a variety of sectors such as investment, industrial and real estate development. Here, RLI sits down with Sherif Hamouda, Chairman of GV Group and Dr Mahmoud el Garf, Project Senior Advisor for the Tarboul Industrial City project to discuss the evolution of the business and some of their ongoing developments.

GV Developments was established in 2019 as a founding subsidiary of GV Investment Group and it is committed to establishing strong, stable and successful communities with life-lasting bonds. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality and latest technologies within their developments all over Egypt.

“Our vision is to bring alive our client’s aspirations of ultimate living with high-quality residential, leisure and commercial developments,” explains Sherif Hamouda, Chairman of GV Group. “As a group we focus on social, economic, and environmental welfare to provide an unmatched real estate experience. Our core focus is to enrich people’s lives and aspirations, in order to contribute to a better tomorrow.”

With a visionary approach of ‘unearthing Egypt’s hidden treasures’, and a diversified land bank that covers a plethora of locations across Egypt, the projects of GV Developments cater to a wide-scale customer base throughout various divisions such as residential, commercial, touristic and industrial and they are aimed at positively reflecting the identity of the communities it develops to constructively impact the environment and the country at large.

Times Square, Egypt

A multitude of wide-ranging schemes are currently under construction by GV Developments, including working on the development plan of one of, if not the biggest industrial zones in Egypt, Tarboul Industrial City. “This will be the first green industrial city in Egypt and will be positioned over a space of 109 million square meters where every inch is designed to cater for its purpose as a ‘multi-core’ city,” says Dr Mahmoud el Garf, Project Senior Advisor for the Tarboul Industrial City project.

Offering a harmonised platform for sustainable production, smart logistics, modern business centres, interconnected commercial outlets, integrated accommodation facilities and inclusive social services, Tarboul Industrial City will be the ‘pivot’ that connects Upper Egypt and the Golden Triangle project to the main economic centres of Cairo.

The masterplan of this mega national project consists of industrial zones, logistics and dry port, office buildings, retail outlets and residential services, hospitals and education all combined with modern infrastructure facilities including conventional and renewable energy, industrial water & waste recycling, drinking water and sewage, gas supply and ICT networks and services.

“Tarboul Industrial City focuses on improving the quality of life and living standards of the Egyptian citizen and offers businessmen and entrepreneurs the opportunity to live amongst a business-driven community where ideas, visions and aspirations are continuously shared and developed,” explains el Garf.

White Sand Resort, Egypt

Commenting on this ground-breaking scheme, Hamouda says: “The city is a space where individuals are able to live, learn and work simultaneously with no limits; and most importantly it is a space to accommodate over 600,000 workers and job opportunities.”

The size of the scheme means that there are three levels of investment models. On the top tier there is infrastructure development, and GV Group is in the process of signing an MOU with a consortium to deliver this. The second level is the industrial development and real estate development tier that will deliver the various plots and thirdly there is the factory owner tier where factories can set up their headquarters.

Another major scheme by the company is the revolutionary Times Square project which is situated at the heart of Port Said, one of the most important cities and ports in the world and at 31,500 square meters, the scheme is being designed to become the city’s new central hub.

The development will feature multiple experiences in one place including Times Residence which is where the smart homes of Times Square will be delivered and fully finished with central AC and a rich diversity of areas catered to customer’s needs. In addition there will be Times Premiere, which will be fully furnished hotel apartment units, Times Towers which is the business hub that will be fully equipped to meet business needs with the latest technology, facilities and services and Times Hotel, a cozy business-orientated hotel that will be situated on the main street. Finally, the Times Mall will be a design masterpiece that houses a variety of retail shops, cinemas, entertainment and exquisite F&B experiences, all created with care for individuals’ and families’ enjoyment.

“With its premium location and close proximity to the airport and the train station, this mixed-use project will be both a landmark and a point of attraction for both locals and visitors, creating a unique destination that will feature luxurious residences, commercial office spaces, hospitality and entertainment,” comments el Garf.

Kattameya Golf Hotel & Residence

Additional schemes include the White Sand development, which stretches across 750m of private pristine beach along the stunning coastline of the heart of the North Coast of Egypt and features a wealth of upscale facilities and benefits for the modern Egyptian family. Included within this is a magnificent beachfront that features seaside pools and active sporting areas; more than 20 pools and brilliant water features throughout; a five-star luxury hotel; the largest commercial mall in all of the North Coast; a diverse and fully integrated wellness resort and a healthy product mix featuring a range of townhouses, twin houses, penthouses and apartments.

The company is also working on the Kattameya Golf Hotel & Residence project that will feature daring designs, over-the-top surroundings and state-of-the-art homes and Krair City, which is being designed as a focal point merging between modern homeowners and a beachfront that offers the chance to wind down after a long day.

“We are dedicated to setting the foundations for our new vision that aligns with the government’s strategy to boost real estate in wider geographic regions and we are leading the way by providing genuine value and creative and integrated real estate solutions. Our projects are imaginative, unique and innovative and we pride ourselves on crafting iconic communities for the world of tomorrow,” concludes Hamouda.