With venues that are full of crazy games combined with exquisite tasting street food, Instagrammable cocktails and its own Boom: Battle Beer, a trip to Boom: Battle Bar is an experience unlike any other. Here, RLI catches up with Founder & CEO Elliott Shuttleworth to learn more about the concept.

If anyone is looking for a night out with a difference, then Boom: Battle Bar is the place to go. With games such as Bavarian Axe-Throwing, Crazier Golf, Electric Darts, Shuffleboard, Beer Pong, Skeeball and Boom: Battleground and with sites in Cardiff, Eastbourne, Lakeside, Liverpool, Norwich, Oxford and Wandsworth across the UK, Boom: Battle Bar is the perfect place for dates, mates, work meet-ups and family nights out.

“Our first site opened in Norwich last summer, and this was at a time when the country was only just coming out of lockdown, so we were ecstatic to see just how welcoming the community was for something different like us and how well received we were by customers who trusted us to offer them a safe and fun time rather than just sticking to what they knew,” explains Elliot Shuttleworth, Founder & CEO of Boom: Battle Bar.

Despite the effects and difficulties that Covid-19 has presented to every company, the Boom: Battle Bar stance was one of ‘adversity creates opportunity’, and the situation has fundamentally altered some of their key stakeholder relationships and allowed them to garner better, faster deals than ever possible in a pre-Covid-19 landscape.


Not letting the events of the past 12 months hold them back, they have instead used the quieter lockdown periods to plan sufficiently for when the opportunity to reopen arises, and this date is now on the horizon.

“The feedback we’ve had from our first locations has been brilliant and later on this year we’ll be opening Oxford Street, The O2 Arena, Leeds, Swindon, Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen. Edinburgh and around 10 to 15 more that we’re soon to announce.”

The entire business model of the brand is focused on consumer experience. Their focus right now is on three areas: playability, happiness and loyalty. Shuttleworth explains that these may change as the company grows, but keeping customers at the core of what they do will not as they continue to move forward.

They pride themselves on taking games that are still popular now and adding a fun and unique twist to them, whether this is through technology or experience, they want each game guests play on-site to be like something they’ve never played before.


Championing experiential consumer journeys since 2014, Elliott feel the concept is about the right advancements at the right time and that just because technology exists, it doesn’t mean it is ready to be used by the mass market. Their intended customer experience techniques are a careful blend of new, innovative ideas, married to tried & tested methods.

“Undeniably, a pillar of our business revolves around being experience led. Our venues provide a journey and this journey often starts online and guides you to where we think you’d like to be. The games we offer, how staff interact with you, the various nights and offers we have on, this all keeps it fun for consumers but also offers different experiences each time people visit us,” explains Shuttleworth.

The business has an incredibly talented team of individuals who work on their social media platforms and the belief is that their pages should not only be about selling their games but to offer a place of entertainment to their followers and customers.


In the last 12 months, customer loyalty has become more important than ever, and Boom: Battle Bar truly believe in the importance of that and are confident they deliver it across all aspects of the business. “Whilst we do offer a fun but fully functional and safe experience from the off, we also make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously and that anyone who comes to us know they are welcome but also always welcome back as well.”

A unique, quirky and relaxed company that puts its customers first, they are building a global brand and Shuttleworth feels that the main reason they have enjoyed instant success is because they are agile and can evolve quickly.

As additional venues open, the group need to ensure that each is opened with the same care and attention to detail as their previous ones. This has been a key driver behind their growth so far and their biggest challenge is to ensure they get this right with every opening in the future.

“When you visit Boom: Battle Bar you may come for our bizarre games but we truly believe you’ll want to come again thanks to the experience you had during your time with us. We welcome everyone and can’t wait to be part of one of the best summers ever once restrictions are lifted.”