The expanded and renovated store in the Istinye Park Mall almost doubles the floor space, offering customers an enhanced immersion into the brand’s world.

Customers are first greeted by the area dedicated to the colourful men and women’s silk collections, fashion accessories, perfume and, for the first time in this store, Hermès’ newest métier, beauty. Further to one side, is a secluded new VIP lounge carpeted in a handcrafted, abstract aquatic motif custom made by local artisans.

Deeper within the store is a spacious area dedicated to collections for the home, including textiles and tableware. It is flanked on one side by a wide array of leather goods, and on the other, jewellery and watches. Further still into the space, customers can discover voluminous areas for the men and women’s universes, including ready-to-wear and shoes, which are displayed on a wide ceramic table that was made using the same enamelling technique as the store’s façade.

The same aquatic carpet covers the entire back third of the store, bringing comfort, tranquillity and intimacy. Displays along the central axis presenting extended offerings from all the métiers are moulded from soft plaster into sinuous shapes. Above them, recessed lighting is carefully placed to provide luminosity, allowing colours and textures to appear as they do in natural daylight. Walls are lined in brushed oak veneer to echo driftwood, or hand-painted in deep Mediterranean blue in a pattern reminiscent of traditional Bosphorus stucco work.