The company has announced that it is set to begin working on the store which on completion is expected to be the biggest in India.

Plans have been in place for the Noida store since the Swedish furniture giant signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Uttar Pradesh government in 2018 to invest in Noida and other cities in the state.

At the time, State Industries Minister Satish Mahana confirmed that 47,833sq m of land has been allocated for the store, however due to pending payments the project never broke ground.

Now he has commented: “All issues have been cleared and the company has committed to finishing the project by 2025. I have issued directions to ensure the company gets quick possession of land.”

The company has proposed to set up an integrated commercial project in Noida which will provide around 1000 direct job roles and 1000 indirect job roles. The company also outlined their intentions to expand to 40 cities by 2030.