Monday, July 15, 2024
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Ikea Launches Innovative Billboard

Located at 47th and 7th avenue, Ikea U.S. has taken over New York City’s Times Square with a larger-than-life 3D billboard.

The billboard features an immersive 15-minute video on loop of an Ikea bedroom scene that changes between a daytime and night-time scene. More than 27 feet in the air, the billboard is located at 47th and 7th Avenue and will be on view from 8 – 14 July.

The Swedish home furnishings giant is also launching a new U.S. TV spot on all things sleep, with products and design inspiration on creating a sanctuary for rest. Called “The Place to Be” and developed by Ikea U.S. and Oglivy, the spot focuses on the ability to create a bedroom that is not only comfortable, but also an extension of one’s personality. It tells the larger story of creating a space that is inspired by the joy of missing out, also known as JOMO.

The ad features music from up and coming Venezuelan artist Yarge and will be distributed across TV, digital and social media. The spot was created in both English and Spanish as part of a larger initiative to reach the Hispanic community.