The brand’s first ever second-hand shop will be located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Customers will be able to browse a selection of second-hand IKEA products that have been repaired and restored, for a reduced price. This first store will open in the shopping centre, ReTuna which is the perfect location as this is the only shopping centre actively dedicated to occupying their space with retailers who are sustainability focused, selling reused and recycled products.

This news is in line with IKEA’s goal of shifting towards a circular business model within 10 years. All products are intended to be made by renewable and recycled materials and this new second-hand store will help the brand in reaching this goal.

“At IKEA we don’t want to merely be a part of the sustainability movement – we want to lead it. If we want to reach our sustainability goals, we have to challenge ourselves and test our ideas. The climate crisis cannot be solved in theory, it has to be solved in practice,” commented Jonas Carlehed, Sustainability Manager IKEA Retail Sweden.