Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Intermarché Joins Second-Hand Market

The Grupo Os Mosqueteiros chain has partnered with vintage fashion brand Elise to launch a pilot project in the Intermarché store in Barcelos, Portugal.

Intermarché is the latest retail chain to integrate the sale of second-hand clothing in to their offering in stores. It comes following a trend that other competing companies, such as Auchan and Continete, have already joined, opening spaces for the sale of used fashion items in their hypermarkets.

Juliana Ribeiro, Founder of Elise explained that the city of Barcelos was chosen to host the first space of the project as it is a fashion reference and the largest textile and clothing industry producers in the country.

The second-hand pieces are selected by Elise’s team when they then go through a recovery process before being put on sale in the store. According to Ribeiro, the objective is “to offer the public an alternative to fast fashion and also to demystify the prejudice that still exists with second-hand clothing, especially in cities outside major urban centres, extending the life cycle of clothing by promoting circular economy.”