The Chinese mobile phone brand will set up RealMe counters in JD Home stores, provide exclusive new products to JD’s offline stores and share big data and supply chains.

Through working with JD Home, JD can help RealMe and other digital brands introduce more traffic and resources offline and expand the offline and lower-tier markets through online and offline integrated marketing. JD Home’s high-quality after-sale service and one-hour delivery service also supports many mobile phone brands to earn customers.

Besides RealMe, brands including Xiaomi, Honor, and OnePlus also opened counters in JD Home stores, and enjoyed JD’s support on traffic and supply chain for better sales performance. Working with JD Home provides brands with high-quality offline channels, saving time and energy for brands to build offline channels.

Joining JD Home for omnichannel innovations can bring benefits for all parties. For brands and retailers, the online and offline integrated marketing has increased the sales performance of brands. For JD, working with leading mobile phone brands also improved its ability in marketing and innovations. For customers, experiencing products offline and enjoying the price and service equal to online has become a trendy way of shopping, and they can now enjoy more new and exclusive products in JD Home stores.