The Partnership is making a number of changes to its operations to keep customers safer amid the current lockdown.

The company has today announced that they will insist that all customers at Waitrose must wear a face covering (unless medically exempt or under the required age). Marshals will be positioned at the entrances of each supermarket and will provide any customers without a face mask with a disposable one, any customers who do not comply with this will be denied admission to the store.

In addition to this, the Partnership has removed reasons for non-essential travel during the lockdown period, which has seen their Click & Collect services temporarily suspended. Their in-home services and installations teams will now pause any services which are not essential to the health of customers.

Andrew Murphy, Executive Director, Operations, commented: “We are acutely aware that the country is at a critical point in the pandemic and are constantly thinking about how best the Partnership and our Partners can play our part in limiting the spread and impact of the virus.”