Monday, July 15, 2024
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KIVARI Launches Fresh Boutique

Australian fashion label KIVARI has made its mark in Sydney’s iconic suburb, Bondi, with the launch of a new boutique on Hall Street which is a true testament to the brand’s coastal roots.

Founded by Kiki Keysers, KIVARI encapsulates the spirit of Bondi, harnessing its laid-back allure and renowned surf culture. “Bondi is more than a beach; it’s an embodiment of our coastal lifestyle and connection to the ocean. It’s the perfect canvas for our brand,” remarks Kiki Keysers, Founder & Creative Director.

Celebrated for its coastal-inspired designs, KIVARI blends feminine sophistication with conscious craftsmanship. From unique prints to timeless silhouettes with modern detailing, KIVARI curates a wardrobe that transcends trends and embodies timeless fashion.

KIVARI is dedicated to ethical manufacturing, collaborating with production partners committed to sustainability and prioritising natural and sustainable fibres. This commitment propels the brand forward on its journey towards sustainability, circularity, and transparency.

With the addition of the Bondi Beach boutique, KIVARI expands its footprint, joining a network of eight boutiques strategically located in key destinations. As the brand continues to evolve, new store openings are on the horizon, marking an exciting chapter in KIVARI’s journey.