A one-stop shop of European cosmetics offering a wide range of luxury, natural and organic personal care products all made in Belgium, LeSoie Cosmetics offers affordable luxury alongside elegant and modern shop designs. Here, RLI speaks with CEO Mohamed Abd El Azeem to learn how the company has continued to grow in the time since we last spoke and what the plans are for 2021 and beyond.

LeSoie Cosmetics comes from the heart of Europe – the Kingdom of Belgium. The company’s products are all manufactured in a small town that is situated close to the French, Walloon and Flemish borders. The company uses only natural ingredients that are environmentally safe.

The values of the company have roots in the late 19th and early 20th century Art Noveau artistic movement, which brought the natural world back as an inspiration for arts and crafts. Just like 100 years ago, their products are not only safe and good for the body, but are beautifully designed and functional.

LeSoie designs cosmetics for women, men and kids. Regardless of your age, they have something to nourish your body and make you feel special. Their products are elegant and handmade in harmony with nature and the environment.

The whole world is the company’s playground, so its craftsmen search out new components for their cosmetic lines from all around the world. Through Antwerp in Belgium, one of the busiest ports on the planet, arrive some of the most exotic ingredients in the world – camel milk, fruit extracts and aromatic oils – which the people at LeSoie combine into what guests can now experience by visiting one of their boutiques.

The brand began operations back in 2013, and today they run 13 stores across four countries. Because of the difficult conditions that have been created due to the coronavirus outbreak, LeSoie Cosmetics have not launched any new stores this year.


“The retail industry has been affected badly and the new market conditions have forced us to think more and more about innovative ideas of online trading and straight-to-door delivery,” explains Mohamed Abd El Azeem, CEO of LeSoie Cosmetics. “Aside from our own online store, we have been working with a number of e-commerce platforms in the region and outside the region and activating social media platforms on a daily basis.”

Decreasing cost as much as possible has been a key priority for the brand and renegotiating their material supply and all kind of cost aspects is top of the list for the foreseeable future along with investing more in technology to help the brand with the new trend of having a larger portion of the business online.


The world has become an open market offering various options of developing new products and using new technology, and El Azeem feels LeSoie Cosmetics are using these options very well and not limiting themselves to any country or any market. He believes Europe remains their main and best option of product development and that it has become very competitive in terms of pricing as well.

“The quality of the products is and always will be our main priority. Furthermore, the development of new products and keeping with the new trends is essential to get our customers coming back to us,” says El Azeem.


Due to the events of recent months, LeSoie has focused more heavily than ever on its online offering and social media presence as a means of growing the brand in difficult times. The company has worked very hard on this element of the business and has used every platform available to them in this medium, and it has been paying off.

“We have been utilising social media influencers heavily and micro influencers to spread the word, going above and beyond the traditional social media activities. Social media analysis is becoming essential to us to allow us to be agile and able to move fast in any direction,” explains El Azeem.

A brand that has grown quickly in the past seven years, the key drivers behind the success they’ve enjoyed remains in the quality and effectiveness of the products at the price point that they are offered. The ethos of the company is to add value for consumers whilst always supplying customer satisfaction.

To conclude the interview, we ask El Azeem what is the greatest challenge is for the company looking forward?

“I feel that the greatest challenge not only for LeSoie Cosmetics, but the retail sector as a whole, is to keep it alive and profitable during these extremely difficult times, and it is a challenge I will embrace as we continue to look to the future.”