The news comes as a continuation of the value the brand adds to the Arab countries.

Llaollao, which was founded in 2009 is a Spanish frozen yogurt brand that utilises basic and natural products to create freshly prepared creamy frozen yogurt. In the brands relatively short life, it has become successful and currently the brand has operations in 25 countries across four continents.

Launched in the region in Saudi Arabia in 2013, the brand now has a successful presence in the region. In the coming years, it is expected that Llaollao will open at least 3 more stores.

“When we began to raise the idea of taking the firm outside of Spain, one of our main interests was to reach the Arab market. We realised that our product could fit very well among its population: young, with great interest in social relationships and receptive to new trends. This territory continues to be a priority area for us and in our expansion plans we contemplate continuing to develop Llaollao in other countries in the area.” says Founder of the brand, Pedro Espinosa.