The retailer Mango has launched the new Alter Made label in Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Back in September, the Catalan fashion group announced it was adding Alter Made to its portfolio, a new womenswear label positioned in the medium-high segment of the market (with jeans priced around €100 and sweaters at around €180), and with a product range featuring evergreen designs and a neutral colour palette. Alter Made clothes are made using materials like organic cotton, recycled cashmere and innovative fabrics such as SeaCell, as the label indicated in a press release.

“We make sure that the raw materials we use are traceable, and we work with fabrics that are certified sustainable,” the label underlined. In this sense, and also in an effort to be transparent, the Mango group’s new brand mentions the manufacturer of each product on the latter’s label. “[Producers] are carefully chosen because they are experts in their area. We have ensured that they all have social certifications establishing that their employees operate in a safe and agreeable environment, and that their working conditions are ethical and fair,” said Alter Made.

Business-wise, the group’s goal is for Alter Made to generate a revenue of €25M within three years. Alter Made is therefore relatively limited in scope, considering that the Catalan group closed the 2020 financial year, marked by the pandemic’s impact, with a total revenue of €1.842bn, down 22.4 per cent compared to the previous year.