The Danish jewellery brand has partnered with Aventura to strengthen its presence in China after entering the country earlier this year.

The exclusive partnership will allow Aventura oversee the development of Marian Black’s business whilst also positioning the brand as ‘an innovative jewellery brand’ in the Chinese market. Aventura said it will take over the responsibility for Maria Black’s existing e-commerce operations in China and the development of online and offline marketing channels.

Gustav Astrom, Chief Executive Officer of Aventura, commented: “With the right priorities, we strongly believe that Maria Black has great potential in China as the brand appeals to the increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers. Together we have developed a long-term plan for the brand, and Aventura has the capacity to propel Maria Black into an emerging position in this strategically important consumer market.”

Maria Black was launched in 2010 and is known for its collections that inspire individualism and expression in their wearers.