The German luxury fashion house MCM has opened a new store in the heart of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.

Inspired by the principle of “form follows function”, the MCM Times Square store fuses aesthetic craftsmanship with modernism, as evident in its emphasis on functionality and simplicity, echoing with MCM brand philosophy.

The new store design is not limited to the conventional but rather dare and unusual. With the absence of a traditional window display, the full depth of the store is visible clearly, allowing interactive touch screens in the middle of the store to create a new dynamic and playful experience with customers.

The material palette is unconventional and brings art back into contact with everyday life. Walls are hand-finished with rough concrete texture; showcases created with terrazzo tile as masterpieces. The sleek clear glass is discreetly present along the walls, which finds an unexpected artistic and extraordinary expression.

All custom-made furniture consisted of highly polished and silver hairline metal in parts combined with antique grey velvet on shiny surfaces. All furnishings are carefully created in considering the utmost functionality with efficiency while keeping the beauty of simplicity. Iconic international designer furniture is specially featured in the new store to embody MCM’s attitude.