The company plans to open a 1,100sq m store in the basement of ILLUM in April of next year.

Located in the very centre of Copenhagen, the premises in ILLUM are well known to Danes in and outside Copenhagen, the retailer noted. The new store will focus on high quality and good ingredients, along with a shopping experience beyond the ordinary.

Food markets operated by MENY offer high-quality products, a wide range of items, with staffed butcher, fish and deli departments. MENY also ensures the best dining experience for customers, whether they need to eat quickly or have plenty of time in the kitchen.

Chain director of MENY, Richo Boss, said, “We are super proud to announce that we are opening in ILLUM. We are looking forward to opening a food market in the centre of Copenhagen and in a department store where customers walk through the door to find high-quality products. I can guarantee that it will be an experience to visit MENY’s food market in Illum in the New Year.”