Designed by Landini Associates, its remodelling was completed with a striking mirrored façade to complement the “Project Ray” interior.

“The new façade is a mark of respect towards our customers and the square within which we sit; a celebration of the people and landmark location that launched McDonald’s in Russia. Morning, noon and night, the restaurant reflects the seasonal activity of Pushkin Square – a place to meet, eat and fall in love,” says Nika Samedova, Senior Manager of Global Development with McDonald’s.

Inside the modern restaurant located prominently at number 29, Bolshaya Bronnaya Ulitsa in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, the interior design presents an evolution of Landini Associates’ design for McDonald’s Global, named “Project Ray.” It serves as an antidote to the bustle of everyday life, providing a place of respite to be enjoyed with family, friends or on one’s own.

Mark Landini, Creative Director of Landini Associates adds: “The mirrored façade is designed as a visual giving-back; an optical celebration of the local community within which McDonald’s serves. In a world where everyone is shouting louder and louder, now is the time to be quiet and let the food, the service and the people who come to enjoy it do the talking.” 

“Project Ray is the story of a company sitting small and connecting with its local environment,” says Landini, whose firm has designed many of the McDonald’s flagships globally, from Hong Kong to London to New York’s Times Square. “After all, that’s what sharing food is all about – community and connection.”