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Missippi’s Pool Bar & Social Hub Set to Open

The brand new rooftop pool bar will open in Dubai next month.

Being completed by nightlife and beach club experts Candypants and LIVIT Hospitality Management, the new Missippi’s Pool Bar & Social Hub is set to launch on October 9 on the rooftop of Avani lbn Battuta Dubai. Guests will be able to soak up the sun whilst enjoying a selection of unique drink whipped up by expert mixologists. Food will also available, with a breakfast and dinner menu of delicious foods to choose from.

“To create this truly unique social concept, we are confident that the fun-filled atmosphere, accessible prices, exciting food and beverage options, and stunning visual appeal of this social hub are the perfect ingredients to set Missippi’s apart as a home away from home on Dubai’s social scene,” commented Ray Chan, Owner of Candypants.

Whilst Managing Partner of LIVIT Hospitality Management Charlie Weaving added: “Our team is really looking forward to launching Missippi’s, one of six brand-new LIVIT projects planned for the next three months, and we are delighted to bring this truly exciting homegrown concept to life.”