Monday, July 15, 2024
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Monos Opens Toronto Store

The Canadian travel and lifestyle brand is expanding its retail footprint and has plans in place to expand into the US.

Monos has officially opened its second retail location in Toronto’s Little Portugal neighbourhood, arriving after the brand opened its flagship store in Vancouver last year. At the company’s first retail stores, visitors can find high-end suitcases, bags and travel accessories.

Designed in collaboration with established interior and concept design studio Ste Marie, Monos said the store’s interior is influenced by a “gentle surrealist interpretation of Portugal’s pousadas (historic buildings), evoking a dreamlike quality through its soft, sweeping forms and carefully curated material palette”.

In announcing the new store, Monos also teased expanding into the US next year with several retail stores, starting with two of the nation’s three biggest markets.

“We are excited to weave ourselves into the dynamic tapestry of the Little Portugal community through our Toronto store. With our roots firmly planted in Canada, we are thrilled to share that this is just the beginning,” said Victor Tam, Co-Founder and CEO of Monos. “Come next year, we are set to take our immersive retail experiences to the global stage with eight new stores across the US, kick-starting with none other than New York City and Chicago.”