Footwear brand Neemans has launched its first apparel line with a range of minimal style basics.

The brand describes the line as carbon neutral and it is manufactured in a facility that runs on solar and wind energy.

“The cornerstone of Neeman’s has always been sustainability and comfort,” the brand announced on Facebook, revealing its new apparel line. “We have and continue to channel it to footwear that you have all praised, supported and loved. But our drive to extend sustainability to a holistic lifestyle space urged us to innovate beyond footwear. So, when we ventured into apparel, we had to make sure that we don’t just live up to our values but also push the envelope a little further. That is why just making comfortable, long-term wear and durable apparel didn’t cut it for us. We went ahead to make it carbon negative! That’s right!”

The apparel line uses lightweight fabric designed to offer comfort as well as minimal branding for versatility. The collection has begun with a line of ‘ReLive’ t-shirts and polo shirts in colours ranging from navy blue to spring green.

Neemans retails from its exclusive brand outlets and e-commerce store. In July, 2022, e-commerce platform Meolaa joined the label to bolster its footwear offering and attract Gen Z shoppers. Neemans has also partnered with e-commerce development business GoKwik and reported double-digit transaction growth after using its ‘smart solution’ services.