The partnership will see the Saudi animation studio produce a number of shows and films with a focus on Saudi Arabia.

The partnership will last for five-years and intends to inspire Saudi and Arab talents to dream big and support an ecosystem that recognises equal opportunity, talent and creativity.

The partnership entails the production of a number of films and series’ that focus on Saudi Arabia including new and exclusive seasons of the pre-existing Masameer series, Masameer movies and a new licensed original adult animation series. Netflix, as the world’s leading streaming entertainment service is the perfect platform to promote these films and engage more creative agencies across the Middle East.

Netflix are also pleased to be partnering with Myrkott to enhance their offerings commenting: “Mrykott is at the forefront of create storytelling and animation in the region. We are continually investing in authentic stories from Saudi Arabia to share their stories across the Arab world and globally. We want to give our members access to great stories that can travel far and wide,” summarised Nuha El Taybe, Director, Content Acquisitions, MENAT at Netflix.