Thursday, February 29, 2024
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New Brands Join Vialia Vigo

The Vialia Estacion Shopping Center in Vigo, managed by NHood, has welcomed 5 new brands to its commercial and restaurant offerings.

The five brands opening at the shopping centre comprise of Cortefiel, Women’Secret and Springfield, all from the Tendam group which specialises in fashion offerings; Asian food restaurant concept Sushisom, with this location being the first for the brand in Galicia and the technology brand Xiaomi. The new establishments will occupy an area of close to 1,800sq m and will be spread across the two floors of the shopping centre.

Pablo Gómez, director of Leasing at Nhood, says: “After a year and a half of opening, Vialia Vigo continues to make people talk, incorporating new brands to the city such as Xiaomi or Sushisom, which is opening for the first time in Galicia. These new openings mean that our commitment to mixed-use in urban commercial spaces is proving very attractive for brands. This path towards modernisation and the creation of loyalty ties with visitors is the formula for success that encourages new collaborators to join us. The three Tendam brands, which will soon arrive at Vialia, are a benchmark in the textile sector with extensive experience and trends for all audiences.”