Cartier Japan has revealed the wooden-fronted design of its latest boutique in Shinsaibashi Plaza in Osaka.

Designed by Klein Dytham Architecture, the new unit houses a giant storefront made from hinoki, a species of cypress native to central Japan often used in Japanese architecture, including temples, shrines and traditional noh theatres.

The new store spans three sides of the Shinsaibashi intersection and the façade features a three-dimensional cubes pattern with LED lights installed inside, creating a distinctive light and shadow effect at night. The latest store from the brand stands out from the surrounding buildings due to its warm colour and wooden texture.

“Diffused by the box-like diamond of each section, the effect not only increases the three-dimensionality of the facade, but gives it an inviting warm glow,” the architect told Deezen, the design magazine. The architect went on to say that the pattern for the store was inspired by both classic Cartier jewellery and traditional Japanese sake boxes and that the façade comprises more than 2,500 units handcrafted by Kyoto master carpenters using traditional joinery techniques.