The release of a “new Gucci logo” has sent keyboard warriors into a frenzy in Vietnam – but oddly, apparently not in other Asian markets just yet. On Friday, the luxury Italian fashion house updated its social-media profiles with an unusual branding, including a new Gucci logo in scrawling handwriting.

A similar font was used in a series of messages suggestive of handwritten signage. The text, “Fall Winter 2020 Men’s Collection” is an indication for Gucci’s upcoming show at Milan’s Menswear Fashion Week which is happening on January 14. This is the brand’s first return to Menswear Fashion Week after presenting co-ed collections during women’s fashion weeks in the past two years.

The cursive penmanship somehow kicked off a viral trend amongst Vietnam Facebook and Instagram users, with many changing their avatars to their own name handwritten in the same style as the new Gucci logo, replacing their profile pictures, imitating the luxury label. While some mocked the promotion, others praised its innovation .