Kerzner International, owner of the ultra-luxurious One & Only Resorts, is continuing its strategic growth with the development of the new One & Only Aesthesis.

Remaining true to the One & Only brand promise, the resort will celebrate the legendary Athenian Riviera whilst providing stunning, intuitive design. The resort is inspired by the azure waters and the incredible natural surroundings, providing a modern Greek elegance, yet showcasing powerful elements dominant in Greek mythology such as fire and water.

Home to a pulsating life and energy, entertainment is at the heart of every One&Only. Destined to become a culinary destination, each experience will be defined by a distinct ethos, energy, design and flavour bringing Greece to life through all senses. Located on 1600 metres of seafront, the resort will offer an iconic yet nostalgia-drenched beach club, providing an ultra-luxury, chic location from sunrise to sunset, and beyond, for guests and residents alike.

“Kerzner International is very excited to be adding Athens to our European footprint. This exclusive beachfront location, just outside of the city centre of Athens, is incredible; the perfect destination to begin, or end, any Greek adventure, through the ultra-luxury experience of One&Only. We will re-imagine the golden era of Athens, a celebration through a life and energy that is true to our brand promise,” commented Philippe Zuber, Chief Executive Officer, Kerzner International.