Nike is creating a sophisticated, interactive space within a popular digital gaming environment.

The global athletic brand is launching a proprietary virtual world called “Nikeland” on the popular Roblox digital gaming platform. Virtual buildings and fields inside Nikeland are based on the company’s real-life Beaverton headquarters, and hold detailed arenas where Roblox players compete in various mini-games.

At launch, consumers can participate in virtual games such as tag, the floor is lava, and dodgeball with their friends. With the Nikeland tool kit, users can design their own mini-games from interactive sports materials. In addition, the Nikeland virtual experience is enhanced by real-life movement.

Consumers can utilize accelerometers in their mobile devices to transfer offline movement to online play. For example, a user can move their device and body in real life to create in-game virtual moves, such as long jumps or speed runs.

In addition, a digital showroom enables customers to outfit their Nikeland avatar with special Nike virtual products. Participants in Nikeland virtual games are rewarded with blue ribbons and gold medals for competing in yards, building their yard, exploring, and finding hidden “Easter eggs.” Customers can use blue ribbons to obtain building materials for yards, and gold medals can unlock virtual products for avatars.